Support our school so we can continue to support and teach all students, regardless of their needs in our community.


Greerton Village School is a primary school whose reputation for providing quality education to high-needs pupils is leaving us buckling under debt.

We have been audited to ensure there has been absolutely NO mismanagement of funds. We are in this financial situation due to the funding model not fitting Greerton Village School.

As a mainstream school, we have built a reputation that cares for children with the highest needs.


A third of our 410 students need additional learning support, 27 are in the highest need category, six are legally blind and five use wheelchairs. Our school is a victim of its own success with parents moving their children into zone to get the help they need… now, nearly half of our staff are required to be teacher aides.

We have become a victim of our own success as a mainstream school in catering for students who have diverse and special needs, which has put our school in significant financial hardship due to the funding model not fitting Greerton Village School.

After our story aired on Newshub many people have asked us how they can donate to our school. Any financial help would greatly be appreciated.

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Junior Playground

We are very excited that now our Junior Playground is going to become reality. Our former playground was demolished to make way for Whakato te Kakano. Sadly we didn’t receive any funds from the Ministry of Education to rebuild so we have had to source funding ourselves. Sincere thanks to TECT for their $19,000 contribution received yesterday so we can now go ahead with it. This is the result of fundraising over the last 2 1/2 years including funds raised at the Cherry Blossom Festival and recent raffles.