LEAD Greerton Village School is involved in PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning).  We have named this LEAD for our school.  This school-wide initiative is a structure which enables the development of a successful school-wide structure by:

  • developing positive and respectful relationships through ongoing consultation with, and decision making by, parents, students, community and all staff
  • developing a caring culture where students and staff feel valued and the whole school community feels safe
  • the development of consistent expectations across all settings and by all staff
  • teaching behaviours instead of ‘expecting’ that students know what to do
  • enabling students to identify their strengths and strive for their potential
  • maximising the time spent on learning
  • working smarter not harder; as relationships and behaviours across the school community improve, so do student engagement and academic achievement
  • using data on student learning and behaviour to make informed decisions

At Greerton Village School we value:

  • respecting each other
  • having pride in ourselves
  • participating in all aspects of school life
  • having high expectations for children’s learning

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