We Have Fun

At GVS, we believe that learning to play music should be fun; after all, it’s called “play” for a reason! That’s why GVS’s unique curriculum couples rigorous individual instruction with band “jam sessions,” making students motivated by playing in a group. Like sports, a band builds mahitahi (teamwork), develops social skills, fosters self-esteem, promotes peer recognition and leads to lasting friendships.




             The GVS Method

In our GVS Performing Arts Group we use an innovative approach to music instruction based on the belief that “Everyone learns faster playing the music they like”, whether it’s Rock, Blues, Country or Pop, and the technical foundation is the same. We use special age and skill appropriate arrangements so that students can begin playing songs in no time. Students are motivated to learn when they see early results and have an exciting, achievable goal.



Lifelong Skill

GVS gives kids an experience to last a lifetime! Musical skills lead to years of pleasure and fulfillment. Young people are enriched by their musical accomplishments for the rest of their lives. Some become professionals, but most achieve great satisfaction playing for their friends at social gatherings or performing together with their friends in bands that become a rewarding creative pastime.

Music Lessons

GVS offers individual instrument group music lessons on a variety of instruments, as well as a Singing Group. These are: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Singing.

At GVS, we teach basic music theory by employing both traditional and innovative techniques to help kids develop their music skills. Playing in a band and participating in jam sessions are also key components of our curriculum and music program. When students have achieved basic skills with an instrument(voice is also an instrument), they are eligible to join a band — and we encourage them to do so. We match the playing level of the student with the appropriate band.

If you wish to discuss music tuition or need any further info please pop in to see me or email bdekker@greerton.school.nz

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