Student LEADers


Abigail Hansen
Student Leader

Hello, My name is Abigail and I wear the black shirt as I am a Student LEADer. You will find me hanging out with friends on the obstacle course. I enjoy Kapa Haka and netball. One thing I am looking forward to is netball in winter and I want to teach others great things about our kura. I also love our schools amazing community garden.

Amolemo Lehloesa
Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Amolemo

Chelsea Cassidy-Cooper
Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Chelsea and I wear the Black Shirt because I am a Student Leader. I love singing in the senior school band GreVouS.

Malaysia Huntley-Manutulila
Student Leader
Piper Harvey
Student Leader

Hi, My name is Piper Harvey and I wear the black shirt as I am a Student LEADer. I love helping others and making people smile. You can find me helping out in the sickbay or being on stage at school assemblies. I love singing, making videos and doing kapa haka with my friends. One thing I want to do as a LEADer and am looking forward to this year, is I can’t wait to be on stage and lead GVS assemblies.

Ashtyn Biddick

Hi, my name is Ashtyn Biddick, I am 11 years old. I wear a black coloured shirt which represents Student Leaders which I am proud to be for 2022. I enjoy Handwriting and Team Sports. I have a strong interest in Trains. One goal for this year is to strengthen my confidence in Kapa Haka and to learn more Te Reo. As a student leader I want students to feel safe and happy at school.

Jaric Friera
Student Leader

Kamusta!!! My name is Jaric, I'm from the Philippines. I'm the oldest of three siblings and we all go to Greerton Village School. I love swimming and my favorite subjects are Science, Art and Math's. I am a School Leader and you will find me wearing a black uniform. Approach me if you need help or if you want to play or just to discuss anything under the sun. Let us all enjoy School this year.

Paeniu Iefata Teitao
Student Leader

Mauri and Talofa, my name is Iefata, I’m a student LEADer that wears a black uniform. My favourite stuff to do at school is doing math's, playing sports with my friends and giving out lunches to kids. My house colour is Wind, so GO WIND!

House LEADers


Jack Johnstone
Earth House Leader

Kia Ora my name is Jack and I am the Earth House Leader. For those who are new to our kura I’m the one in the green shirt. I love how our school is safe, sustainable, and much much more. I am looking forward to being a role model over this year for others and stepping up into a leader role myself. You will find me outside playing sport or on the basketball court practicing. Come say Hi. I participate in Basketball, Rugby, and Kapa Haka. I enter all sport events and I look forward to supporting you to join in as well. I feel lucky to be the leader for Earth.
Go Earth.

Jaxon Ratana
Wind House Leader

Kia ora my name is Jaxon and I am the leader of wind. I wear the Grey Shirt. You can see me on the top field playing touch or on the bottom court playing Basketball. I Am grateful for being the wind leader and following my brother and sisters steps. I look forward to doing my responsibilities around the school. Go wind

Daisy Samuels
Fire House Leader

Kia ora my name is Daisy and I am proud to be the house leader of fire for 2022. My Dad is half Maori and my Mum is a kiwi. I love school and art a lot. I enjoy talking and playing games with my friends at lunchtimes and including people. I like connecting with people and making them feel welcome. I have already made some new friends this year out of the huge amount of new kids and hope that I will next year too. I have an unbreakable love for animals and nature and love living in New Zealand 

Mila-Jayne Smith
Water House Leader

Hi my name is Mila-Jayne and I am the House LEADer for Water and I wear the bright blue shirt. At lunchtimes, you’ll most likely find me on the rugby field or basketball court. At school, I’m involved in Kapa Haka, Pacifica, and most sporting events. I’m very excited about all the sports events and can’t wait to see what is coming in 2022.
Go Team Water!