House LEADers


Earth House Leader

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,
Ko Talia toku ingoa.
This year I am very proud to represent Earth. I will be wearing the Green Shirt. You will find me on the top field playing a variety of sports. This year I am excited to represent GVS in Netball, Rippa Rugby, Pacifica and Kapa Haka. This year I am looking forward to helping others in need and also helping to set up sport for Ranginui syndicate and running lunchtime games for the juniors.
Let’s Go Earth!!!!

Water House Leader

Hi my name is Emma and I wear the Blue Shirt as the House leader for Water. I like how we call our special students ‘Treasures’ in our school and include them in everything.
I am involved in Pacifica group, Rippa, Netball, Kapa Haka, Running Group and am a singer in the school band.
As a leader I am looking forward to helping others, being a good example and encouraging Water House to be the best.

Wind House Leader

Kia Ora my name is Nate and this year I am representing Wind. I wear the Grey T-Shirt.
What I like about our school is that we have amazing teachers that play with us during morning tea and lunch breaks. I enjoy playing with my friends. You will find me on the top field playing touch rugby.
I am involved in Kapa Haka, Pacifica, Rippa Rugby, Basketball, Rugby, Road Patrol and I play the drums in one of the school bands.
This year as a Leader I am interested in supporting our new entrant children and Treasures during break times, also I want to support all students and help our teachers.

Te Rua
Fire House Leader

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava,
Ko Te Rua tenei. I am Te Rua and I am Honoured, Privileged and Very Proud to be a Kura LEADer this year. I am the Mighty Fire Leader. You can catch me in Room 15 or on the top field hanging with my friends playing rugby.
I enjoy team sports because it’s all about working together and having fun. I love swimming because it gives me discipline individually. I am also involved in Kapa Haka, Pacifica, Waka Ama and Rippa Rugby. This year I am looking forward to being a Leader and all the responsibilities that come with it.
No Reira Tena Koutuo, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa.

Student LEADers


Student Leader

Talofa Lava my name is Alana Sio. I wear the Black T Shirt. I love sports, swimming and music. I am looking forward to Kapa Haka and Pacifica group this year. During lunch time you can find me on the top field playing touch or in the Nga hua e wha playing in the band.

Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Greta and this year I am wearing the Black Shirt of Leadership with immense pride. I enjoy Kapa Haka, playing the flute, reading fiction, chatting with my friends, writing short stories and generally having fun. I believe that kindness is very important and this year my goal is to display this quality more.

Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Denis,
I was adopted from Vanuatu. I have seven siblings, four of them still live in Vanuatu and three live here in New Zealand. At lunchtimes, you will find me scoring tries on the top field. I am involved in the Pacifica group and have represented GVS in Rugby and Rippa Rugby. What I would like to do as a Leader this year is to lead the celebration assembly.

Student Leader

Tena Koe,
My name is Lewis and I am a school Leader. I wear the Black Shirt. At lunch time you will find me on the top field playing rugby. I am part of the school Rugby team, Kapa Haka, Pacifica group and represent GVS in Rippa Rugby. I am really looking forward to playing all the sport GVS has to offer and would love to play in the Basketball team this year.

Student Leader

Hello my name is Zavier Rayner and I am proud to be a Student Leader and wear the black shirt this year. I love dancing and singing and really love learning.
I am involved in Kapa Haka. The one thing I am looking forward to this year is leading the Friday Celebration Assemblies.