House LEADers


Earth House Leader

Talofa Lava,
My name is Harper. As a House LEADer of Earth, I wear the Green Shirt with pride. You can find me roaming around the school helping others or in the radio station.
I like to participate in sports, cultural groups and bands. I am looking forward to becoming a more confident speaker by leading school assemblies and making them FUN!
Let’s Go Earth!!!!

Water House Leader

Malo e lelei,
My name is Langi. I am the proud LEADer of Water. I love playing rugby and am really looking forward to Pasifika this year. You will find me playing; touch rugby, scrag or Zombie Tag on the top field at lunchtimes.
As a LEADer this year, I want to be a good role model to every kid at GVS.

Wind House Leader

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava,
My name is Leilani and it is my honour and a privilege to be the House Leader for Wind. This year I will be participating in activities such as; road patrol, girls rugby, kapa haka and pacifika.
I am looking forward to helping those in need and setting an example for our tamariki. During break times you will find me either on the top or bottom field joining in the organised games and wearing the grey shirt.
Nga Mihi.

Fire House Leader

Talofa Lava,
My name is Josiah and I will be wearing the Red T-Shirt for Fire this year. My favourite subjects to do in class are maths, writing and art.
During playtime you will find me on the top field playing Touch or on the bottom field playing T-Ball or Basketball.
I am looking forward to continuing to participate in Kapa Haka, Pacifica, Rippa Rugby, Basketball and Rugby.
I am proud to be a House LEADer and will do my best to treat everyone with respect and to set a good example.

Student LEADers


Student Leader

Kia Ora te whanaunui and Talofa Lava,
My name is Jessica Sio. This year I wear the Black Shirt. You will usually find me on the top filed playing touch, or in the Nga Hau e Wha playing the guitar & singing in the band with my BFF’s.
I love being involved in lots of school events like; Kapa Haka, Pacifica, Netball, Rippa Rugby, Road Patrol, Running Group and Rugby.
I am really looking forward to helping others in need and stepping up to show children how to be a GVS Kid. or in the Nga hua e wha 

Student Leader

Kia Ora,

My name is Madison. This year I am a Student LEADer. At break times, you will find me in the Nga Hau e Wha practising Bass Guitar or on the top field. I like to try getting involved with lots of activities such as Rippa Rugby, Kapa Haka, Band, Running Group and Road Patrol. This year I am looking forward to Cross Country, Athletics and so much more!

Student Leader

Tena tatau katoa
I'm Eve, and proud to be a student LEADer in my final year at GVS. You will see me in a black shirt, usually on the bottom field. I love learning, and enjoy being with my friends at school. I like reading, art, Maori, music and sports, especially hockey, dodge ball and swimming. My little brother has unique learning needs, and I like that our school values and supports all of our students. I aim to be kind and helpful as a student LEADer this year. So if you see me around dont be shy to say hi.

Student Leader

Kia Ora,
My name is Anaya Lawrence. I am proud to be one of the 2020 Student LEADers.
I enjoy doing Art, Singing, Music, Kapa Haka, and helping others. I am really looking forward to all the responsibilities that come with being a LEADer.


Malo e lelei,
My name is Suliasi. I am a Student LEADer and I take pride in wearing the black shirt. The most common places to find me at break times are either playing rugby, basketball or playing the guitar in the school band.
I take part in Pacifica, Kapa Haka, Rippa Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Coding and Robotics. I want to encourage other kids to be great GVS students and make the most of the year by participating in opportunities the school has to offer. I am looking forward to being a great LEADer for our school.


Hello my name is Flynn. I am a Student LEADer and I wear a Black Shirt. I can be found outside Room 14 and about the school fields at break times. I like; Drama, Art, Baking, Mythology and Zombie Tag.
I look forward to helping people in need and encouraging others into Drama, Arts, Sports and to show kindness.

Student Leader

Kia Ora,
My name is Patrick Honiana. I feel honoured to wear the Black T-Shirt representing the student leaders for 2020 at GVS. I like getting involved in Kapa Haka, Pacifica and other activities. I enjoy all sports and school camps.
Being in Room 15 makes me feel happy because all my classmates look out for me. As a Student LEADer at GVS my goal is to encourage everyone to get involved and give it a go.