House LEADers


Stephen Akeli
Earth House Leader

Talofa Lave my name is Stephen Akeli and this year I am the Leader for Earth and I wear the green shirt. My goal this year is to be a good leader and participate in the Pasifika group, play Basketball and Rugby. At break times, you can find me playing Basketball on the court or Rugby on the top field. I want to encourage everyone to get involved in all activities and have fun at school. Go Earth!

Erena Moana
Wind House Leader

Kia Ora my name is Erena and I wear the Grey Shirt because I am the LEADer of the Mighty Wind. I love all subjects in class. You will find me playing Zombie Tag or chatting with my friends. I am involved in lots of things at GVS; Band, Road Patrol, Pacifica, Kapa Haka and sports. I cannot wait until I have more responsibilities to do at our kura.
Go Might Wind!

Lupeolo Moata'Ane
Fire House Leader

Malo e lelei my name is Lupeolo, the colour of my shirt is Red and I am the House LEADer for Fire. What I like about school is being in the Pasifika Group, helping others and playing sports.

Jaxson Williams
Water House Leader

Hi my name is Jaxson and I am the House LEADer for Water and I wear the bright blue shirt. I love soccer, maths, and reading. I am looking forward to tackle rugby this year. You can find me down on the bottom field playing Soccer or T-Ball during break times. It feels great to be a House Leader. I am going to LEAD Water to Victory. Let’s Go Water!

Student LEADers


Aaliyah Tauvaka
Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Aaliyah and I wear the Black Shirt because I am a Student Leader. I love singing in the senior school band GreVouS, playing Rippa Rugby and doing art. You will also find me running around playing Zombie Tag. This year I wanted to be more involved so I now do Road Patrol, Rippa Rugby, Pasifika and sing in the band. I am looking forward to working with my buddy class and the Pasifika Festival.

Ella Dowsing
Student Leader

Hi my name is Ella and I love my family so much. I enjoy doing things like surfing, having adventures with my whanau and pets. My favourite animals are speedy snow leopards and Labradors. I have a pet dog named Nyx. I have many favourite colours such as teal, purple, blue and green. At school, I hang out on the top field with my best friends. This year my dream has come true that I was chosen to be a Student Leader. When I am older, I would like to be either a police officer, a marine biologist or a lifeguard. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what waits for me in 2021.

Khloe Rika
Student Leader

Kia Ora my name is Khloe. I wear the Black Shirt and am very proud to be a student LEADer. My favourite thing about school is doing Maths and Art. During break time, you can find me on the top field playing with my friends. This year I am looking forward to doing buddy class and sports.

Nico Guidetti
Student Leader

Hello I’m Nico and here is something about Me. I was born in 2020 in Hamilton. I class myself as bit of a jokester. I love playing video games and sport. I like seafood and am really into the work my amazing teacher gives me. The best part about me – Drum Roll Please…. It is my sense of humour! I think I am the funniest person ever and want to be a comedian. I am looking forward to running assemblies this year.

Ruby-Tooa Iupeli
Student Leader

Hi, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei my name is Ruby-Tooa Lupeli and I am proud to be a Student Leader at GVS. I wear the black shirt. What I like about GVS is how everyone is so supportive and nice to others. You will find me in the radio station or playing Zombie Tag at lunchtimes. I am involved in Netball, Basketball, Pacifica, Band, Kapa Haka and Rugby. I am looking forward to helping kids out, running assemblies and Jump Jam.

Sade Wells
Student Leader

Kia ora my name is Sade I am 10 years old and Whaea Helen is my teacher. I can be found playing gutter board under the top sunshade or Zombie Tag around the school. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in sports this year. I look up to my mum and dad because they inspire me to be the best I can be. I was really happy to become a Student Leader and I will work hard and be the best Leader I can be.

Tupaea Pinga
Student Leader

Hi my name is Tupaea and I am a Student Leader. I love the school itself and love all the teachers. I love music and play drums in the school band. During break times, I can be found either playing Zombie Tag on the top field or by the big tree near the senior playground. I am involved in Kapa Haka, Music, Rugby, and Rippa Rugby. I am a proud member of Fire. One thing that I am looking forward to this year is Band Quest and Interschool sport. The one thing that I want to do as a leader this year is getting involved and leading different things.