GVS 88FM is a school run radio station. It is based in Greerton Village School in Tauranga. It broadcasts on 88.0 FM 24/7 and will soon be streaming live over the internet.

GVS 88FM has been broadcasting since 2014 and is an exciting, energetic student radio station that plays predominantly pop and rock music, with a few old standards thrown in.




The Team  

All our announcers (DJs), news reporters, interviewers, are either Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6 students  at Greerton Village School as well as several of our Kaiako and Auntie Bar starts each school day  with her very popular  “Morning Show”.
Each year students have to apply for a position on the radio station.




The Studio  

Our studio is a small room at the front of the Schools main entrance, with such a high profile you cant miss our large colourful 88FM sign.

88FM is Low Power FM broadcasting, with this licence (GURL – General User Radio Licence) we can operate an FM radio station, and broadcast to an audience over a small area in our local community.




The Content  

The School Bands at Greerton Village School along with many local Tauranga and Kiwi artists provide a high percentage of air time on 88FM.  Also featured will be weekly interviews with local community members and our school staff.




Listen In Weekdays 9am

Tune in each day either on 88FM or Facebook Live at 9am to stay up to date on our school celebrations and upcoming events!