Enrolment Procedure

Greerton Village School is in the “heart of Greerton Village” and is proud to be the center of such a great community.

The school is situated in a beautiful park-like setting. With large trees around most of the grounds circumference, Greerton Village School is a true little gem in the Greerton shopping area.

We are passionate about creating the very best learning environment for our students, teachers and the community, and we welcome you to come and and meet with us so that we can take you for a tour around our school.

To Enrol your child(ren) please:

1.Complete the Online Enrolment Form  &  Download Cyber Safety Agreement on this page.

2.Download the Information Booklet, Enrolment Form  & Cyber Safety Agreement on this page.

3.Collect an Enrolment Pack from the school office at 151 Greerton Road.

4.Please download a Student Health Maintenance Plan if required

When bringing in your enrolment form, please attach the following documents:

• Proof of Address in school zone (Tenancy Agreement/Purchase Agreement)

• Birth Certificate or Passport

• Immunisation Record

Cyber Safety Agreement

Student Health Maintenance Plan (if required)

We require all 2022 Enrolments, so that we can work out our staffing allocation with the Ministry of Education. We encourage parents to enrol their child(ren) when they turn four years old.  Once enrolled, you will be able to keep up to date with what’s happening at our school through the our newsletter.  Early enrolment also helps us to plan the number of New Entrant rooms we need throughout the year.

All New Entrants can come for school visits to help them transition to school.  Please contact the school to arrange the visits, which will take place at agreed times.

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Enrolment Zone Information

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and shown on the adjoining map shall be entitled to enroll at the school.

Start at the northern end of Coopers Road (Tom Muir Drive excluded).

The boundary tracks south-west to the northern end of Bongard Street, then continues down to the northern end of Wylie Street, to include all oddresses or these streets and off adjoining cul—de—sacs.

From Wylie Street, the boundary tracks south around Jones Street, to the western end of Alach Street, to include all addresses on Chadwick Road and adjoining cut-de-sacs. The boundary follows the northern boundary of the Tauranga Golf Course to Cameron Road.

The boundary tracks south-west a short distance along Cameron Road, to Oban Road, where it follows Oban Poad, and then Kiteroa Street, including all addresses on these two streets and addresses on Cameron Road from 1157 and 1170, to 1349 and 1392.

The boundary reaches the southern end of Rowhiti Road (off Kiteroa Street) and then tracks east overland to the western end of Glenlyon Avenue (included) and then south to Maleme Street so that addresses up to and including 33 and 36 Maleme Street are within the boundary.

The boundary then crosses State Highway 29 and tracks west of Waterside Drive (including all addresses and all the adjoining cut-de-sacs), and intersects Cheyne Poad east of number 249, so that addresses including and greater than 281 and 266 Cheyne Road are included.

From Cheyne Road, the boundary continues south-west, to include The Boulevard and adjoining cul-de-sacs, and intersects Condor Drive at its southern end so that all Condor Drive addresses are included.

From the intersection of Condor Dr!ve and Inverness Drive, the boundary tracks south of Quail Court and Teal Place and overland to the southern end of Phillips Drive, including all adjoining cut-de-sacs.

From Phillips Drive, the boundary travels east along Wood Road (included) and intersects Oropi Road so that all addresses up to and including 322 and 341 Oropi Road are within the boundary. The boundary then trocks around Pukemapu Road and runs north to 131 Poike Road so that Waimapu Pa Road and Corwen Avenue are within the boundary, and Hollister Lane and adjoining cut-de-sacs are not included.

From the intersection of SH29 and Poike Road, the boundary runs to the coastline, east of College Ploce, so that Windermere Drive and all adjoining cut-de-sacs are included, and then tracks overland to the intersection of Fraser Street and Roys Road. Addresses including and greoter than 509 and 522 Fraser Street are within the boundary.

The boundary then runs from the northern end of Roys Road, across the northern end of Hilltop Road (included) and then to the intersection of Mansels Road and Alverstoke Road (not included). Addresses up to, and including, 121 and 118 Mansels Road are within the boundary.

From 121 Mansels Rood, the boundary runs north to the northern end of Greerton Road so that all addresses and adjoining cut-de-sacs are included. It then intersects ot 1157 Cameron Road and tracks across the north end of Hynds Road and along Coopers Road to return to the starting point, at the northern end of Coopers Road. (All addresses on Hynds Road, Tuthill Street, Coopers Road, and all adjoining cut-de-sacs are included; Sunvale Place and Nework Close are not included.)

Downloads and Links
GVS Enrolment Scheme January 2016
GVS Streets within Enrolment Zone
School Enrolment 2017 Ballot Info
Ballot Application Form Out of Zone


Enrolments & Term Dates for 2021

This notice applies to the following schools, all of whom have authority to operate enrolment schemes to prevent overcrowding

The boards of the above schools invite applications from parents who wish to enroll their children at the above schools for Terms one, two, three or four of 2021. Details of the enrolment schemes are available from the relevant school office in every case.

Ballot application forms are available for completion at the relevant school.
The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places for ALL YEAR LEVELS in each term is as follows:
Term 1: Thursday 22 October 2020, with ballot if needed Friday 23 October 2020
Term 2: Thursday 4 March 2021, with ballot if needed Friday 5 March 2021
Term 3: Thursday 27 May 2021, with ballot if needed Friday 28 May 2021
Term 4: Thursday 19 August 2021, with ballot if needed Friday 20 August 2021

Parents of students turning five, who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during 2021, should notify the appropriate school as soon as possible to assist the school to plan appropriately for 2021.

The exact number of places available at each school will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone.

Individual schools will advertise the likely number of places available through Newsletters, Website and Facebook for each term as follows:

Term One: Between 21 – 25 September 2020
Term Two: Between 8 – 12 February 2021
Term Three: Between 3 May – 7 May 2021
Term Four: Between 26 – 30 July 2021

Applications from out of zone students will be processed in the order of priority according to the ballot application form.

The following school operates an approved special programme, for which enrolment is controlled by particular criteria stated in the enrolment scheme of each school.

Maungatapu Maori immersion programme (Open for applications)

Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Gareth Scholes Greenpark School
Kimberley Henderson-Ginns Greerton Village School
Tane Bennett Maungatapu School
Andrew King Oropi School
Blake Carlin Pyes Pa School
Craig Price Selwyn Ridge School
Fiona Hawes Tauranga Primary School
Suzanne Billington Tauriko School
Jamie De La Haye Welcome Bay School


Uniform Standards 2023

We expect full school uniform this year, clean and well presented. Our summer uniform is our maroon polo shirt with black shorts  and black skort or shorts for girls.  In winter we also have the maroon sweater or black polar fleece, with black pants, shorts or skorts.  Hats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4 during the hotter months.  Shoes must be black Roman sandals or plain black shoes. No fluffy boots, stilettos, etc! Outrageous hairstyles, including coloured hair, mohawks etc. are not permitted.

Uniforms can be purchased from NZ Uniforms, 94 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga CBD.

Shop Hours are:
Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Payment options are cash, eftpos, credit card and NZ Uniforms are also now offering: NZU Finance Card.

• A minimum purchase of $199 is required to apply for finance

• Two forms of ID must be presented along with proof of address

• Finance term and conditions apply

• Interest free period for 6 months

• Application fee is payable

Work and Income Parent/Caregivers receive quote for School Uniforms from our NZ Uniform Shop and apply to WINZ for assistance. Once approved, WINZ will issue the client with either a “Notice of Credit” or a Payment Card.
Parent/Caregivers can return to store within three days to purchase garments as quoted. Please note: Card can only be loaded to the NZ Uniform branch where uniform is purchased.


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We will not be selling stationary packs at our kura, all tamariki came home with a Stationary List end of year 2022 – lists for our stationary will also be available at The Warehouse Fraser Cove.