Positive Behaviour for Learning

Greerton Village School is a PB4L School. Positive Behaviour for Learning.

At Greerton Village School, we practice a school wide positive approach to Learning and Behaviour. Through the power of positivity, children learn the core values of acceptable behaviours and how they have a positive impact on learning and relationships with others. Positive Behaviour for Learning is otherwise known as LEAD. This acronym is based on values that staff, students and the community believe are important to attain to ensure that all students and teachers have a warm safe and effective learning enviroment.

This school-wide initiative is a structure which enables the development of a successful school-wide structure by:

  • developing positive and respectful relationships through ongoing consultation with, and decision making by, parents, students, community and all staff
  • developing a caring culture where students and staff feel valued and the whole school community feels safe.
  • the development of consistent expectations across all settings and by all staff.
  • teaching behaviours instead of ‘expecting’ that students know what to do.
  • enabling students to identify their strengths and strive for their potential.
  • maximising the time spent on learning.
  • working smarter not harder; as relationships and behaviours across the school community improve, so do student engagement and academic achievement.
  • using data on student learning and behaviour to make informed decisions.


At Greerton Village School we value: LEAD

Learn with Purpose

  • having high expectations for children’s learning

Enagage with Pride

  • having pride in ourselves

Act with Respect

  • respecting each other

Dare to Participate

  • participating in all aspects of school life



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