Jacinda George

Ko Tainui me Matatua oku Waka
Ko Taupiri me Whanakau oku Maunga
Ko Waikato me Haparapara oku Awa
Ko Waikato me Te Whanau a Apanui oku Iwi
Ko Ngati Tipa me Te Whanau a Nuku oku Hapu
Ko Taupiri me Te Kotahitanga me Omaio oku Marae
Ko Kukutai me Gage oku Tupuna ingoa
Ko Jacinda George Ahau

I made the dramatic life change from Sales Assistant to Social Worker after fostering at risk youth for 5 years. As a Foster Parent I was limited by what I could assist the young people in my care with and I relied heavily on their Social Worker to advocate, educate and support them and myself. So I made to decision to follow my heart and study to become a Social Worker.
Since completing my studies I have worked in the field of Mental Health and Addictions with both children and Adults, however my passion has always been to return to working with children. My appointment into the FWN Tauranga Team as the SWiS Worker allocated to Greerton Village School has enabled me to do this and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.