GreVouS Original Song – Marmite “Marmeggedon 2012”

Greerton Village School Band - "GreVouS" playing their original song MARMITE at the 2012 KidzRock Concert, where they won the prestigious prize of playing at the 2012 MADE Awards. Marmite was written during Marmageddon

It was one simple warning - ration Marmite and yet it has sent the country into a spin as 'Marmageddon' takes hold.
Supermarket shelves are being stripped bare, while Marmite maker Sanitarium yesterday warned no more Marmite was being made as production of the popular spread was halted due to earthquake damage discovered at Sanitarium's Christchurch plant - the only plant where Marmite is made. (NZ Herald Mar 2012)