Our GVS Kids

At Greerton Village School we are represented by 8 Kids “GVS (Geeves) Kids”. Each GVS Kid has passions and interests across different Curriculum areas.

As well as curriculum areas, the “GVS Kids” also indicate the importance of cultural diversity within our school. Each GVS Kid represents a different culture in which our School is made up of.

Nga Tamariki o Marawaewae

Our GVS Kids play a big part in positive conversations and expectations we have with our students.

When all cultures, passions and values are linked together like a jigsaw we have a warm, positive and safe enviroment where Children, Whanau and Staff feel valued and respected.


Violet Violet

My Mum named me Violet because she liked the way my personality shone through my eyes. It is also my Mums favourite colour. I see beauty in everything around me which helps inspire my creativity which I really enjoy sharing with others. I express myself best through the arts; music, drama and art. Art is my favourite subject at school. My Mum hangs all my art work that I bring home around the house.  I look forward to the school visits to the art gallery where I get to see real artists’ work. Perhaps one day other GVS Kids will visit the art gallery and see my art pieces. I was lucky enough be chosen the help organise the school’s art exhibition last year. The teachers said they chose me because they could trust me to get the job done.

Kita Kita

My Grandparents say I was born with a guitar in my hand. My parents chose the name Kita which in Tongan means guitar, knowing that I would follow in the family tradition of playing guitar and singing. I am a member of the school band and play the lead guitar. My friends and I love music so much that during play time we meet to play and sing the latest songs in the sensory garden. While I work quietly in class, when I am on stage I become Kita the Rock Star and give it my all.

Jonah Jonah

I’m named after the really famous All Black Jonah Lomu. I love sports. At lunch time you’ll see me out on the field playing with my friends. My dedication and persistence has earned me a place in school rugby, cross country and the swimming team where I get to represent my school with pride. Being involved in these sports means I always have to be prepared with my mouth guard, sport shoes and correct uniform. As a representative of GVS I know that I have to play fairly, be respectful to the opposition whether I win or lose and be supportive of others in my team. I really enjoy helping to organise sports games for the younger children and encourage others to join in with me. I am proud to be a member of GVS.

Libby Libby

My Mum and Dad called me Libby because they knew that books could liberate the mind, open new worlds. In my spare time I love to go to the Discovery Centre and look at the shelves that are displaying the new books, it seems to take forever before I’m allowed to get them out. Sometimes people call me a book worm. I don’t mind this nickname because it’s true and people who call me that aren’t being unkind. I just love reading and often find myself lost in the worlds created by my favourite authors. One thing I carry with me at all times is my Taonga, a worn leather gem book that records jottings of what I see around me and what I have discovered through books. I dream of being an author one day and publishing books for children to enjoy. I enjoy many things at Greerton Village School but more than anything else I simply love being a GVS kid!

Mac Mac

I’m Mac and I am named after my father. I am a thinker and a problem solver and I love numbers! I do not give up until I get the right answer. I often help other children in the classroom. I enjoy working in a team with others to solve problems. During maths time I am always prepared with my tools and I always take pride in my work. Last year I represented Greerton Village School in maths competitions and am working hard to be chosen again this year.

Deepak Deepak

A week after I was born our priest named me Deepak. He told my parents that I am a bright light, and will have great intelligence. I feel most at home on a keyboard and am often asked by my teachers to troubleshoot their ICT problems. I feel proud when I am asked to help as my talents in this area are being recognised. I am sometimes given the opportunity to introduce new technology to others. I am happiest when I am surrounded by technology. I love seeking new information on the internet and sharing my discoveries with others which has helped me to become a member of the Young Einstein’s team.

Tui Tui

When I was born my parents say my first cry sounded like a Tui singing in the Kowhai tree. Like my name I dream of one day taking flight and travelling the world. I love new experiences and meeting new people from different cultures. I am working towards being the Kaea of the Kapa Haka group. My whakapapa and tikanga are important to me. No matter how far I travel I know I will always return to my home. I have been raised to care for and respect our environment. Although the world is my oyster, Greerton Village will always be my home.

Hui Ying Hui-Ying

My name means intelligent, wise and clever. I love learning about things in our world. I have lots of questions and want to find out as much as I can about our planet and space and living things and lots more! I don’t want to just sit and listen—I want to look at things up close. It’s fun to experiment and to test my ideas.   At GVS I have found out that I will learn more if I am not afraid to try something new. If it doesn’t work the first time, I try again. If we learn about our world, maybe we will be able to look after our school better and that will show how proud we are of GVS.